Festival Make up Glitter trends!

Are you as happy as we are that the summer has arrived?!? We still have a sparkley summer lined up filled with festivals, music, fun and of course glitter, glitter and more glitter! 

Glastonbury, the mother of all festivals is this weekend! Have you got your Glastonbury glitter yet?! 

It would be criminal to go to a festival with out glitter, sequins and gems so if you are looking for some glitter make up inspiration you have come to the right place! We are going to go through some super cute trends for festival make up ideas this summer. @Glitopia instagram/twitter/facebook

Glitter Roots and Glitter Parting

Glitter roots look amazing, so simple but so effective! All size glitter can work, we think glitter roots look incredible in between french plaits and space buns. You apply hair gel through the parting of the hair and sprinkle the glitter on top or apply with a brush. 

Glitter roots glitter parting

Disco Glitter Tits

If you are brave enough to rock disco glitter boobs than why the hell not?! People will definitely be doing a double take. "is that a top or is that glitter" no... definitely glitter! This look is so amazing so if you got it, flaunt it! Simply add hair gel on the area you would like covered and glitter away! Less is definitely not more in this case (or in any case). MORE IS MORE! Gems are a good way of hiding the nips! So use some eye lash or skin friendly glue and stick some jewels over those bad boys and your done! Warning: you may be finding pieces of glitter for the rest of your life. (Wooo!)

Glitter Chest

If you love the disco glitter boobs but are not quite sure, opt for the glitter chest, a classic! Still smothered in glitter but keeping your bits private. You can add gems in a diamond shape and build the design up gradually. We recommend keeping the deign symmetrical and in the middle of the chest for the best out come. Again use eye lash glue or a skin friendly glue to stick the gems, the glitter will stick with hair gel or a skin friendly balm. 

Glitter Booty 

Glitter bum is life, it looks like you have just sat in a pile of unicorn sick! Sounds gross but looks insanely hot! This glitter bum look is best teamed with rosa bloom sequin hot pants or your LOM 2 piece, if you don't already own a pair you need to check out these fabulous shops for the best festival garms on the market!  

https://lomfashion.co.uk  https://www.rosabloom.com

Glitter lips 

If you think you can handle this, glitter lips are stunning, although you will be eating bits of glitter all night. But who cares?! You cant polish turd but you can definitely roll it in glitter. This is best to use fine glitter as it sticks better on the lips, use vaseline or for a longer lasting effect use a skin friendly glue. Try not to ingest any but that probably will be inevitable. 

Festival Glitter under eyes 

Obviously this is an old time classic glitter festival trend. Glitter under both eyes looks super cute and hides the festival tired bags, its a win win situation and a timeless looks that will never fade. You can always play it safe with this festival glitter make up trend. Of course teamed with a bindi, or some gems on your head, it would be rude not to! 

One of our girls Macy Daisy loves our chunky glitter here is Macy's blog for super cute, pink, fluffy, glittery inspo! https://macymarie.wordpress.com/author/themetallolita/


Glitter around one eye 

Again another classic, Glitter around one eye, we prefer sticking to above the cheek bone for a more faltering look. Here at @glitopia we tend to apply the glitter in a moon crescent shape around the eye and if we are feeling cheeky and the hair is tied back, we love to take it right into the hair and let the glitter gently fade out. Although this is easy it can look a bit blocky so be careful not to come to far over the head and try to keep the glitter in that 'C' shape around the eye. Use finer cuts on the edge to blend it out. Like we always say, MORE IS MORE! so feel free to go full throttle and double wammy this chunky festival glitter make up look and do it on both sides. Guaranteed glitter mermaid vibes!


Glitter cheeks

Glitter cheeks are cute! if you have read the above you know how to do this by now. Hair gel and brush or apply with your fingers! WA-LA! 

Another beauty who rocks glitopia glitter is carms - here she is with glitter cheeks! check out her fashion blog www.carmslondon.com @x_carms


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