How to apply Face Glitter and Body Glitter

How to apply cosmetic chunky festival Glitter –

how to apply festival glitter

Cosmetic Face and Body Glue

If you want your glitter to last the whole day through dancing sweating and general madness use our glitter glue thinly on your skin with the wooden applicator provided, but do not use good make up brushes in the glue as it will stick them together and be very hard to remove. Best face glue for sticking jewels, gems and bindis to your face and body with out lifting off. Your glitter will stay until you remove it! Leave the glue to dry slightly so its tacky to assure the glitter stays straight away.

Do not apply this glue in your hair, on any open wounds, or on or very close to your eyes. This glue does not contain any latex and is a cosmetic which means it is safe on your skin, like with any cosmetic product if you have sensitive skin, skin allergies or infections you may want to ask professional advise before applying or carry out a patch test first.

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Glitter Gel for sensitive skin

Glitter for sensitive skin, If you have sensitive skin or want a more temporary festival glitter make up use Vaseline, a skin balm or gel! This is the more gentle option for your face and body.

 Dr paw paw glitter gel face balm

Dr.PAWPAW multi-purpose fragrance free balm. For lips, skin, hair and beauty finishing, cuticles and nails. This works great as an adhesive for glitter and is great for sensitive skin, not only does it stick on cosmetic glitter very will it helps irritated skin and moisturises lips, nails,cuticles and dry cracked skin such as heels, hand and elbows. It can also be used to add finishing touches to hair, brows and for cosmetic finishing. a brilliant allrounder! if you want to purchase a tube of your own go to this website

How to apply chunky glitter

Depending on the size of the glitter pieces you can apply it in different ways, large chunks of glitter are best applied with your fingers or the stick provided on top of the tacky glue the large brushes are not always easy to hold the big pieces so you can pinch some of the glitter and pat it on, if you do want to use a man eu brush assure it is an older one, not an expensive new one! we recommend applying the larger sequins first and blending out the edges with the finer glitter. 

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festival body glitter

How to apply fine glitter

Fine glitter sticks easier as its a lot lighter you can use a brush, the fine glitter looks great blended out on the sides of the larger glitter pieces and sequins. All fine glitter can be found here on our website FINE GLITTER 

Where to apply glitter?

You cant usually go wrong applying glitter but a C shape around the eyes is a great effect keeping it high on the cheek bone.

Glitter cheeks

Glitter roots / Glitter parting in your hair – but do not use glue for this! Use hair gel!

Glitter boobs or chest!

Glitter Booty

Glitter beard 

Glitter under eyes

How to remove glitter

To remove the glitter use an oil based make up remover and some soap and water. Its best to rub glitter of dry to get the worst off then use the glitter remover.