Inspirational Emily Jones Make up Artist Living with ehlers-danlos type 3

Emily Louise Jones is an absolute inspiration for aspiring make up artists all over the world.

Emily is a good friend of Glitopia and is a fellow self-confessed glitter addict! Her passion is make up, she is an aspiring make up artists self-taught from youtube videos and instagram. She has an instagram page @beautybyemilylou_where she daily posts amazing make up trends. Unlike other make up artists Emily’s situation is very different to your average aspiring make up artist as she is living with ED, which makes her achievements even more amazing. 

 Emily viral feed tube make up blogger

If you don’t already know about this incredible women here is little bit about her - Emily is 22, from Croydon, South London and absolutely loves makeup. Unfortunately Emily is chronically ill, in a wheelchair and tube fed and has a number of serious medical conditions. A quick summarize of Emily’s complex conditions are – ehlers-danlos type 3, which means all oh her joint dislocates, even doing simple tasks such as brushing teeth and brushing hair, her jaw and shoulders dislocate.

what is ehlers-danlos type 3?


POTS which effects her heart Chronic pain syndrome meaning she is in agony 24 hours a day, she is on very strong painkillers which only work a little. What is POTs? 

Chronic fatigue syndrome meaning she exhausted no matter how much sleep she has. What is Chronic fatigue syndrome?

‘I re-locate the smaller joints myself but I have to get someone else to assist me with the larger joints like my hips and knees. I am also unable to move my legs because of chronic pain and constant dislocations which is why I am permanently in a wheelchair.”

festival make up look 

Emily is a huge fan of glitopia and often incorporates glitopia glitters in to her make up looks.

Emily Jones hopes her makeup tutorials will inspire other young people who may have a feeding tube or wheelchair pursue their dreams. 

Dysautonomia which messes with her pulse and effects her body temperature. What is Dysautonomia

Gastro issues due to her EDS she has suspected gastroperesis as her stomach doesn't empty. She sometimes stays in hospital for 8 months at a time. She has had many feeding tubes as they often fail and need replacing. Currently the one in her nose is keeping her alive and she is attached to a feeding pump for 24 hours on medical liquid feed and water. She is currently waiting for a new feeding tube for her stomach, which doesn’t have to go directly in her nose. Emily has non working intestines meaning she has to have lots of medication to help her with vitamins and minerals which are put into her tube. As you can imagine Emily’s struggles with her conditions on a daily basis but despite all of this she is positive and cheery and refers to her self as a “wheel chair warrior” and a “spoonie” (as she is tube fed). Emily does not let her feeding tube define her. Emily jones make up feeding tube d

hudabeauty is my makeup inspiration and I love her ! I also love glitter I'm obsessed with it and if I had the choice I would be glittery all the time”


Emily does her make up every day to pass her time and loves trying new products and creating her own make up looks. She says it distracts her from the chronic pain she suffers with. Emily says “I love makeup it makes me feel beautiful and confident, I can get very very self conscious because of the feeding tube but makeup takes that anxiety away!”

emily louise hones make up

Make up is Emily’s true passion and this is her little escape from what she suffers with on a day to day basis. Emilys dreams have started to come true and she has become an make up instagram sensation over night! She receives thousands of likes and comments on all her pictures and has make up fans from all over the world that keep up to date with her progress and make up trends.

‘Apart from that it’s okay. I tend to do dramatic looks on my eyes to ensure people don’t look at my tube too much because of the gap. I just have to take my time, be patient and careful around the tube but I still can do it and feel fabulous.’

Emily has come so far in a short amount of time and despite living with such a life changing condition she has a new lease of life and her passion for make up gets her through the hard times. 

Make up has boosted this lady’s self confidence and is a inspiration for people with ehlers-danlos

Emily jones make up artist 

Emily creates mermaid make up looks with our chunky Disco Ball Silver and Unicorn glitters. 

 If you don’t already follow Emily and check out this seriously talented glitter holic!!

 Here are Emily’s favorite products -

Hudabeauty: 'showgirl' 'girlfriend' 'trophy wife' 'venus' 'sugar mama' 'socialite' 'silver fox' 'heartbreaker' 'material girl' 'spice girl' 'flirt' liquid lippies, rose gold eyeshadow palette, lip contours in 'heartbreaker' flirt' 'venus' 'spice girl' 'material girl' 'video star' 'Medusa' and 'muse' the 3D highlighting palette lashes in 'farah' 'samantha' 'giselle' 'carmen' 'bridget' 'naomi' 'Marilyn' 'lana' 'jade' 'Scarlett' and 'candy' ! I'm in love with hudabeauty and she honestly is my makeup goals! Colourpip; 'flipper' 'forget me not' 'going rogue' 'drop of a hat' 'phase me out' foursome, 'ringo' 'ego' 'boxer' 'on the fence' 'take a break' 'sauvage' 'double scoop' 'doozy' 'slide' 'Zuma' 'bit-o sunny' 'split' 'cherry on top' 'brain freeze' 'ice cube' 'drip' 'deja vu' 'sucker' 'exotic' 'on a stick' 'bees knees' and 'lolly' 'topaz powder' 'Aquarius' bundle 'blow me away' palette 'waffle' highlighter trio 'iced' 'glazed' 'churro' highlighters 'honeymoon' 'highly waisted' 'lunch money' 'hippo' 'monster' highlighters 'over the moon' 'perilune' 'whipped' stole the show' and wisp'


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