What to pack for a music festival | Festival Checklist

Preparing and packing for a music festival

If your camping at festival this summer theres so many things to remember but so little you can take. If like us you pack your whole wardrobe and then have to sacrifice each peice one by one, its heartbreaking, you don't want to leave any festival wardrobe classics out but you sometimes have to, its a few days camping not a month after all! Take the bare essentials to make your life easier, when carrying everything into the festival you will be thinking WHHHYYYY?! so you need to pack the next best 4 days of your life all into one back pack (which is doable believe it or not), you will be thanking yourself later. The less runs to the car the better as you will simply regret all those extra things you just didn't need. English summers are unpredictable so packing for all 4 seasons is tough. but here are the festival essentials...

A bum bag is amazing at a festival you have all your valuables in one place and are completely hands free so you can jump, roll, dance and get shit faced all with out worrying about your bag. Festival bum bags are a must! and you can get some really cool ones so it becomes an accessories as well as a life saving festival essential. Also if you want to get a cheap one customise it your self with tassel, pom poms, glitter and everything festival! 

You know us... Glitter, festival make up, festival head pieces, festival outfits, fancy dress and props are 100% essential, all these things make your festival fun and make you act like super dooper outrageous but fabulous individual. These things boost your festi-ego and turn you in to the bell of the ball, you may even have a different name, for example when you wear your afro you turn into a northern Irish lunatic, that goes by the name of wee JIMI. This specimen already exists so there is no more room for another, but you get my gist! You need a festival persona to get you through 3 days of madness as Jane Smith in the office is not half as fun as queen of the unicorns sparkle tits! (they are the same person really but just with a glitter on their face, a sequin cape and a flowery unicorn crown).

Props are great, whether they are bought or made they make it memorable for everyone and are a mascot for your crew! Guaranteed to snow ball in to one big ridiculous story line or on going joke that lasts an eternity and still funny each time. So when you find that perfect plastic baby doll to gaffa tape to a stick or make a wooden spoon with a face on and call it Dorris... the world really is your oyster. Make your festival unique and ridiculous in your own way!

Prop ideas 

Flags - if your feeling fancy and want to splash out on a customised flag do it, this is so useful when in a big group so everyone can find you and stick together.

Anything gaffa taped or cable tied to a stick is practical and also very funny. Chose something that represents you. 

A wig, blue bob wig always goes down treat but if like us the bigger is better, the bigger the wig the bigger mojo you will acquire when wearing the wig.  

Wings and capes are incredible, whether it be festival butterfly wings, sequin capes or bird wing capes.  I have experienced them first hand and can only speak very highly of them. When you are nutted in a  field theres nothing better than your wings or cape flapping in the wind whilst you are dancing. 

A bubble gun is an awesome addition to anyones festival! squirting bubbles where ever you go! 

Fairy lights, get solar or battery fair lights to drape around you in the evening or wrap around a hat! 

Fancy dress is a must, do you know its a fact your become 67% more fabulous when you are in fancy dress? no?... well you learn something new every day! So get your feather head dresses, your flower crowns, unicorn horns, mermaid crowns and head pieces ready. Or if you are going for more of the ridiculously vibe moustaches, face paint, top hats and turbans maybe more your style. Either way 67% is a lot so why would you waste that opportunity to be 67% less fabulous? if you want to get hold of a unique and amazing head piece you should check out for the most spectacular festival accessories out there twinksburnett


Glitter is so important, it wouldn't be a festival with out glitter. Another interesting fact is that glitter actually makes the world go round and with out it we would all explode. So make sure you have enough of it! Obviously our glitter range and mixes are amazing so look on our shop to fulfil all your glitter and sequin needs! or check out out previous blog for festival glitter trends. also on our insta we have tons of glitter inspo to scroll through! @glitopia

Out fits, the more sparkly, glittery, tassels, pom poms and colours the better! if you are feeling festival chic there are so many amazing designers out there that cater for all your festival out fit needs! but if not making your own out fits and customising things can be just as fun and still make you feel like an absolute festival god!


heres a few we love 





So after all my waffling! lets get to the boring, sensible and practical festival packing. Even though you need to look the part you wouldn't be able to survive with out these!

Sensible Festival Checklist -

What you will need - 

  • Festival ticket (very important)
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Roll mat
  • Wellies or sturdy boots
  • Toilet roll
  • baby wipes
  • A warm jumper (it can get cold at night)
  • Sun tan lotion
  • Waterproof
  • Toiletries
  • Enough change of clothes in case you get wet
  • Medication if required
  • Torch
  • ID
  • Money/cards (most festivals have an ATM, it might not be free)
  • Hat
  • Bags for dirty clothes and rubbish
  • Contraceptives (weeeeey!)
  • A folding chair
  • Of corse your choice of alcohol and plenty of it! (preferably not drinks that taste awful warm)

Whether you are packing for Glastonbury, V festival, Secret garden party, Wilderness, V festival or Cream fields they are all so different but regardless of the festival the feeling you get when you enter is magical! You are free to do and act as idiotic as you please and no one bats an eye lid. You get to escape the real world for the weekend! So be safe and enjoy every minute of it as you will remember it forever and leave a little trail of glitter behind you!

Your truly

Glitopia x