Mermaid Glitter Set - 4 Cosmetic Glitter with Glitter Glue

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The perfect chunky festival glitter set

Our mermaid glitter set includes 

1 x Irridesenct mermaid glitter 

1 x Sea Queens chunky festival glitter 

1 x Lilcac purple finer glitter 

1 x Baby Blue finer glitter 

1 x Pot of out glitter glue 

1 x Applicator stick

How to apply glitter -

Glitter Glue - For a long lasting effect use our glitter glue thinly on your skin with the wooden applicator provided, please do not use your expensive make up brushes in the glue as it will not remove well form the bristles. This glue can also stick gems and bindis to your face and body. Your glitter will last the whole day with this glue. If you prefer a less lasting effect try a skin balm or gel. 

Glitter is best applied with your fingers or the stick provided on top of the tacky glue, we recommend applying the larger sequins first and blending out the edges with the finer glitter. 

WARNING: (please do not apply this glue in your hair, on any open wounds, or on or very close to your eyes. This glue does not contain any latex and is a cosmetic which means it is safe on your skin, like with any cosmetic product if you have sensitive skin, skin allergies or infections you may want to ask professional advise before applying. or carry out a patch test first)

To remove the glitter use an oil based make up remover and some soap and water.  

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The glitter is packaged into 10ml pots which hold approx 5g, exact weight may vary.